Zaabi addresses the strategic dimensions of initiative of head of state “preach”

Source: Gulf

Met with Ahmed Juma Al Zaabi, Deputy Minister of Presidential Affairs in his office at the Presidential Palace, newspaper editors and managers of TV channels and local radio, where reviewed during the meeting strategic dimensions to the initiative of His Highness the Head of State “preach” for promoting the participation of citizens in the labor market, also addressed the main axes of the list them.
The Deputy Minister of Presidential Affairs that the initiative to “preach” to its objectives and contents reflect the keenness of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him, to provide the ingredients, all of which contribute to the improvement and development of the competitiveness of human UAE, and upgrading its performance, commensurate with the prestige now occupied by the UAE in regional and international fora, adding that the initiative is not separate from the vision of empowerment launched by His Highness the Head of State, may God protect him, in the auspicious beginning of his reign, but is an extension and consolidation of its objectives.
He pointed to the confirmation of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai during the launching ceremony of the initiative, which was held recently that the citizen UAE is the first element and most importantly to His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, it seeks always to raise the stature .
It also pointed to the word of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, during the launching ceremony of the initiative which he said: “The initiative” preach “, seeking its purposes of economic and social development to serve as a national strategy, to accommodate the efforts of government departments and the private sector and institutions education and rehabilitation centers to create more options for job seekers and provide sustainable employment opportunities for them in various parts of the country, it also works to provide policies and legislation that would create a climate catalyst and attractive to job seekers from the citizens, “he said, adding that this includes the study of the best solutions to make work environment in the private sector competition for public sector work environment and compete in all the elements of job security, to bridge the gap between current benefits and privileges available in the two sectors.
He said the Deputy Minister of Presidential Affairs that the initiative “preach the gospel” came after extensive studies on the labor market and conduct a comprehensive survey of the opportunities available to it in the short and medium term, showed that studies have shown that the local labor market is rich with opportunities, and it is full of wide spectrum of supervisory positions and leadership and management, professional and technical .
He said: “The initiative requires mobilizing energies and synergies to achieve the desired goals through the mechanisms of action of innovative break the stereotype of the employment initiatives earlier, it is also counting on its success and achieve their goals on building a strong partnership with national institutions in the public and private sectors,” stressing the need to activate social responsibility State institutions, public and private, pointing out that the Ministry of Presidential Affairs as a point of supervising the implementation of the initiative has signed a number of memoranda of understanding with a number of institutions and companies that will contribute to translate the objectives of the initiative through a set of drivers and mechanisms of action.
He explained that this initiative constitutes a national strategy fall under a number of programs are integrated in its aims and objectives, to achieve the vision of the initiative and its mission and to reflect practical philosophy against her, and said: “The goal that seeks him the” good news “is to create an incubator and favorable business climate founders distributed the roles, and where there are a package of incentives that encourage citizens to engage in earnest in the work areas all, and allow at the same time creating a mechanism sustainable business to attract and develop national human resources, stressing that the wording of this initiative, came within visualize an integrated Aistoab need to provide opportunities sustainable employment for citizens, but also to achieve a competitive advantage for the national economy as well, within the framework of a national strategy based on a partnership between the federal government and local bodies, institutions and public and private companies. ”
He pointed to the response shown by the partners during the design of the “good news” in the stages of preparation for the launch, saying: “This response unlike awareness of our national institutions in the public and private sectors in turn, the community, also reflected deep belief in possibilities and capabilities that are available in the Citizen United Arab Emirates, which makes him eligible for advancement turn as a hub for the development process and pay her a permanent element. ”
He Ahmed Juma Al Zaabi that the initiative represents an innovative mechanism for localization of jobs on the basis of scientific and practical, where it is which meet the aspirations of citizens in finding work suitable to their qualifications and experience, they also included creating national cadres quality contribute effectively in the development process, pointing out that the participation of government agencies and institutions public and private in the translation of this initiative and activated, provides the impetus for the resettlement process, turning it from a mere administrative and regulatory effort to work and contribute to the comprehensive national bodies and public and private institutions in the state.
He said: “The initiative is based on four strategic thrusts emerge from each axis, including a set of sub-programs operational, which seeks to achieve the desired objective of this initiative is, where are these programs interdependence and integration, adding that he expected to be the implementation of the four pillars of the initiative, according to the framework integrated strategic contribute to the various institutions concerned with the labor market in the state, such as government institutions and semi-governmental organizations, and private sector organizations, educational institutions and stakeholders rehabilitation and training of national cadres. As all those institutions, will work within the framework of a single common distributed the roles and duties in the various stages of the work of the Initiative. These themes include: the creation of job opportunities for citizens and encourage them to Joining the private sector and seize the opportunities available to them and vocational guidance and counseling, training and development for them.
And eating Deputy Minister of Presidential Affairs, the second program which will be implemented within the framework of the initiative, a program discounts and Special Deals for citizens working in the private sector, pointing out that he aimed at providing discounts and facilities on the range of services provided by the private sector institutions and government agencies, to encourage citizens to join the private sector and continue to work for him. He also explained that discounts focus on basic services needed by the citizens continuously, to contribute to reducing the gap in salaries and benefits between the public sector and the private sector, said: “This program will be implemented through the Ministry of Labor, as part of the ministerial decree issued by His Highness the Vice President Council of Ministers and Minister of Presidential Affairs, who set the policy discounts Special nationals working in the private sector, and that the resolution specifies the responsibilities and roles of the various partners in the implementation of this program, where the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, overseeing the program, and attract partners to him for presentations appropriate and compatible with the criteria established in this regard, while the Ministry of Labor on behalf of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs program management as a concerned party can stimulate the citizens to join the private sector, and will be among many tasks signature on behalf of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs on the agreements and memoranda of understanding concluded with partners who contribute to the implementation of this program. (WAM)

Discounts program determines the criteria for the selection of partners of the program

Said Ahmed Juma Al Zaabi, Deputy Minister of Presidential Affairs: “The Ministerial Decision on program discounts determines the criteria for selection of partners of the program and the conditions that must be available to beneficiaries, as it determines the criteria for evaluating offers discounts provided by the partners, which should represent whether a service or value-added product or that affect these discounts directly the needs of the citizen and that there is a guarantee continuity of service and supply as well as the total value of the display. ”

In terms of program III, Deputy Minister of Presidential Affairs: “The program is the third in a software package initiative” preach “is a program for graduate employment in the private sector, which aims to provide career opportunities suitable for graduates in this sector, so that it is set to the citizen as an employee trainee for a period not more than 8 months.
As for the fourth, he said Zaabi: “It is in its own directory jobs and career paths for the citizens of the state, a reference guide designed to provide citizens who are still in school or job seekers or employees on top of their jobs and career paths important to keep pace with economic development, gripping the country.