The ‘Graduate Recruitment in the Private Sector’ Programme

About the Programme

Under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, the Absher Initiative was launched to promote the participation of Emiratis in the labour market and to fulfil the strategic objective of creating job opportunities for them. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs directed that a programme be prepared, overseen by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, to be implemented in collaboration with private companies in order to hire new Emirati graduates in the private sector. This will reduce the challenges faced by these young people when looking for jobs, and is part of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs’s responsibility to support and prepare graduates by increasing their levels of efficiency in line with labour market requirements.

The ‘Graduate Recruitment in the Private Sector’ Programme aims to provide relevant job opportunities for graduates in the private sector. They will initially be recruited as trainees for a period of not more than eight (8) months, after which they will be employed as regular employees as per the agreement. The Ministry of Presidential Affairs will support the parties participating in this Programme by contributing a percentage of the monthly bonus and the training costs for the duration of the Programme.

The Programme will help to reduce the challenges of hiring new graduates by improving their skills and raising their efficiency, while integrating them into a real work environment and helping them to transition smoothly from university life to working life. It will also encourage the culture of furthering education among graduates, thereby widening their opportunities for professional development.

Scope of application of the program

The Programme will be implemented with those private companies and organisations throughout the country that have registered, as well as with regional and international companies that have branches in the UAE. It will benefit Emiratis who are recent graduates and seeking jobs, provided they are eligible for enrollment in this Programme. The Programme’s details will be announced in due course.


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