Mashreq Emiratisation on track with ambitious plans for nationals

Leading financial institution, Mashreq is known to be an avid supporter of Emiratisation, through its various activities and initiatives to attract and employ Emiratis. The variety of training and mentoring programs at Mashreq is set to nurture skilled Emaratis and empower them with the right tools to achieve their goals. Mashreq has developed dedicated programs to be able to recruit, train, develop and retain UAE Nationals employees. The Bank is the first and only financial institution in the Region to receive the Gallup Great Workplace Award 2014.

H.E. AbdulAziz Al Ghurair, CEO of Mashreq stressed on the significance to shift focus from merely achieving a percentage to offering actual critical jobs in the management, “Gone are the days, where reaching a certain percentage in Emiratisation is good enough. Organisations must come forward with critical jobs for Emiratis. We want to see UAE Nationals taking up leadership positions in the Banking industry across different businesses such as corporate, risk, finance, auditing etc.

Al Ghurair continued, “There must be standardization in both the private and public sector in terms of leave entitlement, salary, pensions and working hours. Even the education system can play a sensitive role. Universities, colleges and educational institutes must diversify educational majors such as Audit, accounting, finance management so that the upcoming generation has a larger mix of different backgrounds.”

Since the partnership with Absher took off in 2013, Mashreq, as one of the UAE’s leading financial services providers, has employed 300 UAE Nationals, reflecting its ongoing commitment towards Emiratisation and to become one of the first organizations to exceed its target.

Launched by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, the ”Absher initiative” was established as an oral strategic framework to employ UAE citizens under one clear and comprehensive vision in accordance with UAE vision 2021.

By signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Absher, Mashreq aims to attract 500 unemployed fresh graduates Emiratis over a period of 5 years. This initiative is in line with Mashreq’s commitment to empower Emiratis to become the leaders of the future and find suitable job placements for them.

To support this, Mashreq also provides a variety of training and mentoring programs, for example though Mashreq Learning Systems, targeted to provide Emiratis with the right tools and development to achieve their goals. This year, to date, the total number of UAE National staff trained reached 364 and with 497 staff also trained online.

Mashreq’s various training programs include:
Mashreq Al Mustaqbal is the flagship of all training programs for UAE Nationals offered by Mashreq. It is a two year development program designed to prepare talented graduates for specialised roles in the Bank through job rotations. This program equips the recruit with the necessary skills, competencies, practical experiences, essential supervisory and management training required for a promising banking career.
Fast Track training program is a customized individual development program designed to train UE Nationals to take up the next position within a specific time frame.

High School Graduates program is set to hire high school graduates into entry level jobs (tellers, processors, customer service, recovery officers etc). All new recruits are mandated to undergo an intensive training program that is customized for their roles and offers a combination of induction, product knowledge, system training, customer service and other soft skills.

The Core Time Recruitment Program provides students the opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job experience, while they are financially compensated with a salary, during the period of their college education. The students can choose to enroll in the morning, afternoon or evening shifts so they have maximum flexibility to pursue their education.

Mashreq’s Summer Program is a structured 8-weeks program for undergraduates in the second to last year of the universities/colleges studies.

We have a wide range of opportunities across many business areas.

Students undergo a comprehensive introduction to Mashreq and future career. Students will have the opportunity to show his/her potential and be in a position to develop the behaviors, skills and have an experience essential to a long-term career with us.

The bank’s participation in career exhibitions is yet another step towards providing suitable job opportunities for UAE Nationals as it is very important to invest in human capital development and professional growth in any organisation to ensure the readiness of an individual.

Mashreq has been recognised for making huge progress in providing career opportunities for Emiratis. Indeed, it is the first and only financial institution in the Region to receive the Gallup Great Workplace Award 2014. The international recognition annual award recognizes the best-performing workforces in the world, and Mashreq was chosen as one of a group of 36 elite institutions for its ability to create an engaged workplace culture.

Al Ghurair concluded, “I’m delighted with the progress Mashreq is making in boosting such initiatives aiming at ensuring job security and stability for Emiratis. I am proud of the progress we have made thus far and are on track to achieving our 5 year target. We remain passionate about promoting Emiratisation within our organisation and we will continue to work hard towards helping UAE nationals grow and evolve professionally.”