Frequently Asked Questions



What is Absher Initiative?

Absher is an initiative by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE (may God protect him) aimed at securing the stability and prosperity of UAE citizens. This initiative was launched to promote the participation of UAE nationals in the labor market. It is being implemented under the directives of His Highness the President of the UAE (may God protect him) and the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, to provide job opportunities for UAE citizens according to a clear strategy that is integrated under the principles of UAE Vision 2021.

What are the main pillars of the initiative?

Absher initiative is inspired by the vision of His Highness the President of the UAE (may God protect him), under which His Highness reiterates the rights of citizens and the pivotal role they play in the national development process. This initiative is designed in accordance with a clear vision to increase the participation of nationals in the labor market by providing job opportunities. Additionally, it aims to achieve a competitive advantage for the national economy, as well as launching national programs to support government policies and procedures for Emiratization according to the following pillars:

  • Job creation for UAE citizens
  • Counseling and career guidance
  • Training and development
  • Incentivizing citizens to join the private sector

Who benefits from the initiative?

Citizens of the UAE.

Who participates in this initiative?

Various institutions have been targeted under this initiative to recruit and train citizens, and these include federal and local government authorities, public, semi-governmental and private sector companies.

What is the relationship between Absher initiative and other government initiatives aimed towards Emiratization?

Absher initiative supports the existing governmental efforts to accelerate the pace of Emiratization. It is not separate from the empowerment vision outlined by His Highness the President of the UAE (may God protect him) at the beginning of his prosperous reign.

What is the role of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs in this initiative?

The role of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs is to implement the directives of the country’s wise leadership to oversee this initiative, and to overcome any obstacles that may hinder it, according to a strategic framework for the development of local employees. The Ministry of Presidential Affairs does not serve as a recruiting agency and does not interfere in the employment policies of the participating parties.

What is the role of the organizations participating in this initiative?

The role of the parties participating in this initiative is to carry out the tasks assigned to them under the memoranda of understanding signed with Absher initiative, and based on the specialization of each party.

What are the expected results from this initiative?

The initiative is expected to achieve social and family stability for UAE citizens through the provision of job opportunities. It will support government policies aimed towards Emiratization, as the initiative will diversify the job options available to citizens instead of focusing only on the public sector.