20 thousand job vacancies for citizens in the 41 point

Source: Ahmed Hashim – Abu Dhabi
Date: December 10, 2012
The Ministry of Presidential Affairs, the number of vacancies allocated to the citizens of the 41 hand signed with the initiative of His Highness the Head of State to promote the participation of national cadres in the labor market «good news» until last November amounted to 20 thousand and 405 vacant posts, the proportion allocated it for females 17% and males 12%, and for both sexes together 71%.
Said Assistant Undersecretary for Technical Office at the Ministry of Presidential Affairs Nasser Al-Thani F Hamli, in a press statement, said that «the proportion of employment opportunities available in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi of 41%, and Dubai 25% and Sharjah 9% and Ajman 9% and Ras Al Khaimah 7% and Fujairah 6% mother Al Quwain 3%. He stressed that the number of vacancies available this year reached 1733 vacant, but the ADTC has received 1898 so far for the direct appointment, of which 12% for women, pointing to employ 1186 people. Menhali stated that next year will see the provision of 3176 vacant, and in 2014 will provide 3697 vacant, and 2015 to provide 4121 vacant, and in 2016 the provision of 4985 vacant, and the year 2017 to provide 698 vacant.

He stressed that the initiative ‘preach’ umbrella for many of the initiatives that will be implemented now and in the future.
Turning to talk about the program discounts and Special Deals for citizens working in the private sector, saying «We finished the first phase aimed at citizens registered in the Ministry of Labour, was signed memoranda of understanding with 16 hand from the government sector and the private sector, to provide discounts and access to basic services such as fuel, housing , aviation, and insurance services.
He added that from within the program discounts priority exchange marriage grant is spent on recruitment in the private sector three years, it will be excluded from the duration of the exchange (seven batches), along with discounts on rooms, wedding services 15%, and will be awarded the Zayed Foundation for Housing priority exchange aid to those the slide, and the adoption of repayment of 25 years instead of 15 years without regard to salary, to deduct 1667 dirhams only, as will the Ministry of Health privileges within the program focused on services, programs and Chadt and others, will be awarded the Federal Authority for Electricity and Water deduction worth 40% of the value of the connection fee Water and electricity service assessments for housing workers in the private sector, and allocate the Ministry of Education, 10% of the seats for the children of workers in the private sector.
Hamli said «will ADNOC citizens working in the private sector who have passed on their survival in the business three years card (Rahal) backed by $ 500 dirhams per month, be usable in stations« ADNOC », as has been agreed with all of the Al Hilal Takaful, Abu Dhabi National Insurance and Emirates Insurance Company, to provide discounts ranging between 15% and 50%, services various insurance, as well as had been agreed with «Etihad Airways» on display includes discounts on tickets up to 15%, and other features, including flexibility in the exemption from fees Change or Cancel Reservation, and the provision of seats until the last available seat, and the priority of travel in peak situations, as well as generous discounts on the prices of the first grades, business and tourism, and additional discounts on products and services, designed specifically for the travel of government officials.
He said he will be offered 10% discount on travel deals when booking through the Union for the holidays, and add an additional 25% for miles, added to the basic mileage provided by the program, and special outlets for the completion of travel procedures.
And will add an additional five kilograms weight plus above the allowable limit, whatever the category of membership, as was agreed with the Arab Airways »Free to add the weight of a maximum of 20 kg per passenger.